Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pictures from the Don Bosco Workshop

"Rooted in Christ, Radiating to Eternity" is the theme of this year's MAST workshop. This young Sunday school teacher from Holy Cross Cathedral certainly looks happy with the cross that she made as part of the program.

Just a few of the 133 teachers who attended the workshop with their MAST certificates.

Salesian Fr. Ambrose, the rector of Don Bosco Technical Institute in Honiara, with Fr. Tom and Bro. Tim. Fr. Ambrose has been a great friend to us in the Solomons, providing publicity, encouragement, food and shelter to the Brothers. When we arrived in early June, Fr. Ambrose helped us to retrieve (rescue would probably be a better word) eight boxes of books and supplies for this year's programs from the Stygian depths of the Solomon Post Office. After much hassle (and, of course, waiting) we were able to carry away all of our parcels, but only after paying a $100 Solomon "storage" fee!

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