Friday, July 2, 2010

MAST Sets Sail

MAST -- Marianist Apostolic and Spiritual Training -- takes its identity from an ancient Christian symbol. In the days of Roman persecution the sign of the a boat with its cross-like mast became a mark of identity for Christians. Our first workshop for teachers focused on the cross with the theme: Rooted in Christ, Radiating to Eternity. Our presentations developed four key ideas for Christianity, like the four arms of the cross: incarnation, resurrection, communion and conversion. From these radiate four key spiritual attitudes teachers must develop in young people: faith, knowledge, discipline and morality. Thirty teachers from around the diocese joined the workshop which ran from Tuesday morning until Friday afternoon. In addition to our talks, all the teachers had a chance to make a cross of their own as part of workshop's program.

Among the participants were Dominican novices from the nearby island of Loga.

Participants with their MAST certificates after the closing program. Over 2500 teachers have participated in the workshops since 2003. I've been told that some teachers include copies of their certificates when applying for new school positions.

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